Course & Free-to-roam Policy 2021-22

Pilates courses are scheduled and sold on a ’term basis’, meaning that you book a particular class  (e.g.. Monday 10.30am) for the full length of the term. The assumption is that you will attend the same class each week. Payment for each course must be made before the start date of the course to reserve your place.

I do however offer a freetoroam option which allows clients the opportunity to reschedule if you know in advance that you will miss your regular class. The terms and conditions of this option are outlined below:

  • I require 48 hours notice of absence in order to offer the freetoroam option.
  • All freetoroam places are given on a space available basis – they are not guaranteed so I recommend that you arrange these as soon as you know as this will give you the best opportunity to take the class of your choice.
  • Freetoroam options must be taken in the same term. No unused classes can be carried over or credited to the following terms. Unused classes expire on the last day of term.
  • Freetoroam options can be arranged and taken in advance of the missed class.
  • Absences must be arranged with me and this can be done by email, text or call 07526899781.
  • I do understand that there will be times, when due to unexpected illness or events beyond your control, that it is not possible to give 48 hours notice of an absence. Unfortunately, in this case I cannot offer a freetoroam option as this works on the assumption that your unused class can be used by someone else.
  • In the event that I cancel your class due to illness or other reasons beyond my control you will be offered a freetoroam option or a credit for the value of the class which has been cancelled.
  • Those clients who know they are not able to attend  a full course may pay for the classes they can take – however there will be higher fee charged for this option and payment must be made before commencement of the term.
  • Once your place has been reserved and paid for, no refunds are offered for non attendance  and no unused classes can be carried forward to the following term.
  • All clients in class or a studio setting are responsible and liable for the safe storage and security of their belongings.
    • Please ensure that you store your belongings so that they can not cause injury or accident to anyone participating in the class including the teacher. I am not liable for theft, damage or injury. If you wear glasses and take them off – they must be stored appropriately and not left on the floor.

Thank you for your help in making this system work! If you have any questions, please ask for clarification.
Note: The terms and conditions for Private Pilates classes and Massage are slightly different and can be found HERE