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Below is information on my current Pilates classes. Some classes may be Zoom only and the timetable is subject to change. Do contact me for current information.

All my Pilates classes are suitable for beginners to intermediates. If you are interested in any of these classes please don’t hesitate to contact me

Terms and Conditions

St Dominick Parish Hall

10.00am – 11.00am

11.00am – Noon

6.30pm – 7.30pm

7.30pm – 8.30pm

 Town Hall, Callington

09.45am – 10.45am

 Warleggan Hall, Mount

11.45am – 12.45pm

Village Hall, Rilla Mill

11.00am – Noon

Village Hall, Pillaton

10.00am – 11.00am


12pm – 1pm

Can’t make the class you’ve booked?

Don’t worry, my freetoroam policy means that if you are unable to attend your pre-booked class you can swap to another time and venue. Please contact me first to check availability.

Freetoroam is available for the duration of each course only and without exception

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Private classes

If you don’t feel comfortable working in a group environment, are completely new to Pilates or want to focus on a specific issue, I run private classes at my studio in St Mellion.

Please call 07526899781 for an informal chat and to discuss availability.


Pilates is not just for women……..


“I have been attending Liz’s Pilates classes for some 9 years and always find them to be inclusive and fun mixed with hard work at times, but totally beneficial for both my physical and mental wellbeing.

Liz always makes her classes both informative and variable in content whilst never losing the focus on their purpose.

Her Pilates is specifically aimed at people of all ages and abilities, male or female — try it sometime !”

Martin Scott

I joined Liz Court’s Pilates Class in Callington in October 2019. Recently retired,with a long history of back pain and never having exercised much, I thought it was about time I did something to keep fit.

Whilst I expected to benefit, I didn’t really think  that the class would be fun, but  it is. Liz leads the class and keeps control, but we do have a laugh.

I appreciate the fact that Liz explains why particular exercises, as we get older, are important to retain movement, whether it be to walk, climb stairs, sit, stand etc. She certainly knows her subject.

I now hardly ever suffer from back pain.

I would certainly recommend anyone to attend one of Liz Court’s Pilates classes.

February 2022


When I was younger I liked to keep myself fit and strong but then as age took its toll I became very inactive.
My wife joined Liz’s class and suggested that I join too as she felt I would benefit from this as she had .
I was a bit reluctant as I thought it would be a bit girlie and that the others would all be better than me.
Soon I realised we were all in the same boat and had a good rapport with the other men and women.
Now I hate to miss a class all though it is not easy, Liz is very encouraging treating us all as individuals , pushing us
to do our best with out making it a competition , so not only do I feel better physically , it is fun and makes me feel alive again.


My primary hobby for the last 35 years has been scuba diving. However a few years ago, I realised my joints were stiffening up. In particular, I was finding it difficult to lift my ankle over the opposite knee in order to fit or remove my fins. Even putting my socks on was becoming interesting. My wife had been ‘encouraging’ me to start Pilates, but this was the trigger. The exercises focus on flexibility and balance rather than strength or cardiovascular. They look easy – some of them are, some definitely are not! However even the hard ones don’t last long….though long enough to work up a sweat.

The classes are good fun. There’s plenty of banter, and we try to put Liz off her drill-sergeant style. However she is very good at tailoring exercises for each individual. I enjoy the mixed sessions – they are probably less competitive than blokes only! I do one session a week, and find I can now do things I was struggling with before I started. I can now kneel on the floor and sit back until my heels touch my backside. I know I will never manage to do Olympic-standard gymnastics…. but I can at least still put my scuba gear on!