Another great term under our belts. We definitely found the Pathway to our Powerhouse, we rolled, we moved  our bodies, we moved with precision, we discovered muscles we did n’t know we had, we breathed wide into those ribs, we felt the glow, we got stronger, we walked out taller and more flexible and we most definitely had fun. If you weren’t there come along and try it .

Next term – more training undertaken by me – and we all know what that means 🙂 Pilates is most definitely life changing and has been for me. I am very much looking forward to sharing some new ideas, finding new ways to strengthen and heal our bodies – however broken we may feel physically or mentally when we walk in the door  – Pilates always hits the spot and re- energises and rejuvenates. Bring on the next term! This term is over 7 weeks  – fee due is £66.50. Payable by cash, cheque ( an extra £1 for this method of payment) or directly into my account – Elizabeth Court 089300 79425946. Please remember to pay before or on the first day of term.

Don’t forget if you want to work on your own body on a 1:1 basis you can experience either a mat session or a session on the reformer or chair. Guaranteed to give a greater understanding of  how your own body moves and how alignment and breath change everything. Keep an eye out for exciting changes to the website over the next few weeks and some very special offers for equipment sessions.