Pilates News

Well here is Plan A for Pilates in the New Year – correct at time of publishing as they say. The term will take us to the end of February and as most of you know I am planning a week away in January – however this may be postponed or cancelled but we can worry about that one when it happens. Please please do not come to class if you feel at all unwell – this will ensure we all feel safe in our classes. Even a common cold can cause disruption to our lives at present. This is equally important if you are coming for a 1:1 or massage – we will re-schedule. Anyone who attends the Callington class is now asked if they can do a lateral flow test the day before. As far as I am aware they will not be asking for evidence of a clear test. I have CO2 monitor to ensure the air quality is good in every hall and this will  let us know if we need more ventilation or not.

The term will run over 7 weeks for the most of you £77 – 6 weeks £66 for the Monday classes. Millpool and Zoom please check on my website in the payment portal for your payment information. There are now 3 ways to pay. Either via my website using the Payment Portal – this is like buying anything online – payment by card – quick and secure. By Bank Transfer – Elizabeth Court 089300 79425946. Or by cash. 

Please note : If you need to carry forward a class and adjust your payment you will not be able to use the Payment Portal this time.

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Free To Roam

Remember you can use my freetoroam option if you miss a prebooked class and give me at least 24 hours notice that you are unable to attend your prebooked class.

Using the free to roam option means you can go to another class either the same week or later in the course.

I can’t guarantee a place, so do check with me first, text or email is fine. Classes not taken cannot be carried forward to the next term or refunded.