Pilates News

Weather and dark days got you feeling a bit meh? Yeah it’s been cold and wet for what seems forever but how we react to that makes all the difference.

Exercise gets your endorphins flowing, your happy molecules a bit more active and can help improve the blues – Pilates has  even been known to put a smile on your face 😁😄😊☺️😅

Obviously I am all about Pilates sessions, but even if you’ve been planning a walk, a run, a whatever, just get your workout wear on. Chances are once you’ve got that far, you’ll manage to get yourself out the door and into whatever activity you have been thinking you SHOULD do.

“I really regret that Pilates class”, said no-one, ever!

We have an 8 week term on the horizon taking us up to Easter. For the full term fee is £76.00 – Landulph take a class off for the snowed off session – your fee is £66.50. As usual there is the option to pre book and part pay – at £11 per class. Normal payment of cash or into my bank account Elizabeth Court 089300 79425946. See you there – with a promise of zhuzh and joy!!

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Free To Roam

Remember you can use my freetoroam option if you miss a prebooked class and give me at least 24 hours notice that you are unable to attend your prebooked class.

Using the free to roam option means you can go to another class either the same week or later in the course.

I can’t guarantee a place, so do check with me first, text or email is fine. Classes not taken cannot be carried forward to the next term or refunded.