Happy Easter – very tempting to start off with a lot of egg jokes but will refrain. Instead lets look forward to hopping into next term. Remember that I will no longer be providing mats from this term – so you will need to bring your own. I do recommend that you wipe your mats with an anti bac wipe after class to keep them sweet and bug free for the next time you use it. There are 3 – yes 3 – bank holidays on Mondays this term, so you will see that reflected in how much to pay.

If your normal class is a Monday – fee due is £47.50 – with an extra £1 for payment by cheque. For the other classes we will be working out over 8 weeks – fee for this term £76, again with an extra £1 for payment by cheque. As usual you can pay by cash or directly into my bank – Elizabeth Court 089300 79425946 – don’t forget to make it clear who the payment is from.

Looking forward to seeing you there!