Hi all another term beckons on the horizon –  I though it might be a good idea to remind you that even though you are in a class – the classes I run aim to focus on you as an  individual and the level of exercise appropriate for you and to focus on the quality of the movements in your body. My ethos is quality, not quantity – the same way your Pilates practice should be.

Get up, move more. Even if it’s just to walk around your chair every once in a while. Stretch out your calves. Roll your shoulders. Side bend sitting on your chair. Yawn and stretch.

Add more movement to your day to day with your Pilates principles in mind.

Every single system in your body requires movement to work well. Move more. Move well. Feel better. Apply your Pilates.

So I am looking forward to seeing you move in a  bright, warm (depending on the hall of course) oasis of calm somewhere in one of the many locations in East Cornwall and you can see and feel the difference for yourself. You will breathe, smile and sometimes feel that gorgeous ready brek grow we all love.

For those of you who want to use the freetoroam option please remember that you need to give me at least 24 hours notice that you will not be attending your regular class.

This term runs over 8 weeks and the fee is £76 – normal methods of payment cash or payment into my bank account Elizabeth Court 089300 79425946.

Very much looking forward to seeing you there.