After a very busy few years, I am re-launching my regular blog posts. I want to help my existing customers – and anyone out there who might be interested in giving Pilates a try – to gain a better understanding of how it can change your life.

As well as talking about the many everyday benefits of Pilates, I want to introduce my other specialism of EquipilatesTM, aimed at horse riders and indeed horses, who also love the benefits it brings!


I have been practising Pilates for many years. Having suffered with back pain, I experienced the benefits first-hand and subsequently trained with Body Control Pilates® to gain my internationally recognised certification.


Now, my passion to bring the benefits of Pilates to everyone is delivered through small, bespoke classes that enable me to take an individual approach. I work with a wide range of clients from absolute beginners to those who are very experienced and wish to refine their Pilates to a very high standard.


Bodyworks is a fun, safe environment in which to undertake Pilates at any level. Exercises can be undertaken whether you are physically fit or have an injury.


Because it focuses on strengthening your core muscles, when done correctly, it can form part of your post-injury recuperation, transform your posture, ease lower back pain, improve breathing and circulation and much more. It really is an investment in your body and your day-to-day comfort.


I am passionate about helping people to do the best they can, regardless of ability or age. It is for this reason that I continue to train extensively, attending courses all year round to ensure I can offer all my customers the very best, up-to-date Pilates. I also enjoy sharing my knowledge and experience and so I get involved in public speaking or presenting at various events. My blog will contain a section called “Liz Live” where you can see my schedule and find out how to attend some of these events.


Next week, I’ll tell you more about EquipilatesTM . In the meantime, if you’d like to know more, visit my website or get in touch to book an introductory session.